Oh man.  I’ve been delaying this post for a couple of days.  Because I don’t know what to tell you.

See, my goal for February is to eat more real food but that’s not really what I mean.  Not exactly.  

What I really mean is that I want to enjoy food more and lose some weight. What I mean is that I want to eat the better of two choices, even if that just means getting my burrito fresco style.  I mean that I want to cook more and eat at home more and get more fruits and vegetables.

Now, when I was originally thinking about this month, my goals were:

  1. Soup Sundays- Make a soup for the week.
  2. Crock Thursday
  3. New Recipe Tuesday

I think what I’ve discovered is that, well, I don’t like living that kind of a confined, super planned lifestyle.  Maybe I’ll meet a friend for dinner on Tuesday.  Maybe I won’t have time to get stuff into the crock on my lunch break on Thursday.  Maybe I just want some Campbell’s soup for lunch.  Yes, my original goals are the kind of things that I want to work into my life.  But not like that.

February will not be measurable for me, not really.  I am just going to eat better and keep on tracking my money.  ($4 over budget this week, thank you very much.)  I am going to try not to be afraid to try new things.  My goal in February is going to be to ENJOY food but actually enjoying it, not making it some strict routine.

And tonight?  Tonight I’m having cube steak and potatoes.  Instant potatoes.